U. GCD Feature Wish-list & Feature Requests

Synopsis of Topic

It would be a lost opportunity for us as the developers of the GCD software to not get your feedback on what features you'd like to see improved or added. We will spend this segment going over our wish list of new features, and encouraging you to suggest your own feature requests.

Why we're Covering it

  • To help us prioritize our future development efforts.
  • To give you an opportunity to influence what future releases of the GCD might look like.
  • To give you some insight into where the GCD development is going

Learning Outcomes Supported

This topic will help fulfill the following primary learning outcome(s) for the workshop:
  • An opportunity to interact with experts on geomorphic monitoring and the software developers of GCD to help you make better use of your own data

Resources for Feature Request Excercise

We will run a small exercise in this slot in which we have each of you register online at our forum as a user and then have you vote on our wish list as well as make suggestions of your own.

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