Software Installation Support Sessions

Philip Bailey will host one session ahead of the workshop to support participants and their colleagues install the prerequisite software. The goal is to get as much of the workshop software installed ahead of time as possible. The session is tentatively telephone-based. However, should it be needed, we can arrange a web meeting and use screen sharing to facilitate the process.

Participants are encouraged to identify the laptop that they will use for the workshop. They should work through the workshop preparation steps (with their IT support staff if necessary) ahead of the support sessions and only attend one of the two sessions if they encounter any problems.

Session 1 - Friday 8th March at 11am Central Time

Call-in details: (209) 255-1000 Email Philip Bailey to obtain the participant code.

Note: You should be sitting at, and logged in to, the computer in question during the support session. If you intend to use a laptop belonging to your organization and its security configuration prevents you from installing software, you should arrange for one of your IT support staff to attend the support sessions with you. You will need their administrator privileges to complete the software installation processes during the support session.