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In short, anyone, anywhere is allowed to reuse and re-purpose any of the content I produced on this website, so long as any public use of that content is shared in the same way, it is used for non-commercial purposes (I doubt you'll get rich off anything here anyway), and you provide an appropriate citation (e.g. fill out gcdkwo.joewheaton.org under source work URL in your own CreativeCommons license). Note: some copyrighted content is also referenced or shown on this website and that content can only be reused in accordance with the whomever I have cited that owns that copyright.

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Most of the materials you will find here fall into one of four categories: 1) dissemination of my own research; 2) teaching materials; 3) pointers and links to information related to rivers, their management and/or my research; or 4) my own opinions and/or personal information. The material is all posted in the spirit of open and transparent access to information and is provided in the hope that it may be useful to other researchers, students, practitioners and/or decision makers. Every effort has been made to only host materials that are open-source or which I own the copyrights to (see below). If you find any problems (or spelling mistakes or errors), or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me.The informational hyperlinks are strictly for providing you access to available information on the web I feel is relevant. The links to various web sites, papers and books within said pages is provided for informational purposes only. Absolutely no preference or endorsement of any one method or reference over another is therefore implied.

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